Cost of living and prices in Turkey, prices of food, rent, shopping, etc 🇹🇷 Updated Jul 2023

Turkey is a sprawling Western Asian country that boasts beautiful landscapes, rich history, and a vibrant culture. With an area of 780,580 square kilometers and a population of 77,804,122, Turkey is one of the most populous countries in the region. It shares borders with Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Georgia, Greece, Iran, Iraq, and Syria, making it an important hub for cross-border trade and travel. Despite being a growing economy, Turkey remains one of the most affordable countries in Europe and Asia. Its currency, the Turkish lira, offers great value for money, making the cost of living in Turkey much lower than many of its neighbors. From food and transportation to housing and entertainment, visitors and residents alike can enjoy a high standard of living without breaking the bank. Whether you're considering studying abroad, relocating for work, or simply want to experience a new culture, Turkey's affordability and rich history make it an ideal destination.

Cost of Living Estimate in Turkey

Total cost of living in Turkey for two person with average consumption for one month will be 304.64 USD, no rent price included. Click here to calculate cost-of-living estimate in Turkey

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Restaurants prices

Turkey has a rich culinary culture that blends Middle Eastern and Mediterranean influences. Eating options in Turkey are diverse and exciting, with plenty of choices for meat lovers and vegetarians alike. One must-try dish is kebab, which is made of grilled meat on skewers. Another popular dish is meze, a selection of small dishes that are perfect for sharing with friends. Turkish breakfast is also not to be missed, with savory options like menemen, a type of scrambled eggs with tomatoes and peppers, and sweet options like kaymak, a creamy dairy product topped with honey.

There are plenty of restaurant options for travelers in Turkey, ranging from traditional kebab houses to modern fusion restaurants. For those who want to experience the true taste of Turkey, street food vendors offer a cheap and tasty alternative. From simit, a sesame-seeded bread that's perfect for a quick snack, to lahmacun, the Turkish version of pizza, street food is a great way to sample a wide variety of Turkish flavors at a budget-friendly price. Finally, for those who want to experience a truly traditional meal, a visit to a Turkish home for dinner is a must. Inviting travelers into their homes to share delicious home-cooked meals is a longstanding tradition in Turkey, and one that provides a glimpse into Turkish hospitality and culture.

Meal in Inexpensive Restaurant
2.37 $
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
8.30 $
McMeal at McDonalds or Alternative Combo Meal
1.78 $
Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter Draught
1.30 $
Imported Beer, 0.33 liter Bottle
1.54 $
0.93 $
Coca-Cola, 0.33 liter Bottle
0.35 $

Markets prices

Turkey has a diversified market economy that is heavily dependent on international trade. The country is known for its high-quality textiles, agriculture, and manufacturing industries. The market prices in Turkey fluctuate depending on various factors such as demand, inflation, and global market conditions. Additionally, government policies also play a significant role in determining market prices in Turkey, especially in sensitive sectors such as energy and food.

The retail prices for goods and services in Turkey tend to be relatively affordable compared to other developed countries. This has attracted many tourists and expats to the country, who find the cost of living to be reasonable. However, the inflation rate in Turkey has been a cause for concern in recent years, especially as it has impacted the value of the Turkish lira. Despite this, investors have shown interest in the country's potential for growth, particularly in the technology sector, which has shown tremendous growth in recent years.

Water, 0.33 liter Bottle
0.12 $
Milk, Regular,1 liter
0.33 $
Loaf of Fresh White Bread, 0.5 kg
0.19 $
White Rice, 1 kg
0.71 $
Eggs, 12 pack
0.79 $
Local Cheese, 1 kg
2.34 $
Chicken Breasts, Boneless and Skinless, 1 kg
1.60 $
Beef Round or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat, 1 kg
5.75 $
Apples, 1 kg
0.40 $
Banana, 1 kg
0.77 $
Oranges, 1 kg
0.35 $
Tomato, 1 kg
0.40 $
Potato, 1 kg
0.23 $
Onion, 1 kg
0.20 $
Lettuce, 1 head
0.26 $
Water, 1.5 liter Bottle
0.18 $
Bottle of Wine, Mid-Range Price
3.56 $
Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter Bottle
0.85 $
Imported Beer, 0.33 liter Bottle
1.06 $
Pack of Cigarettes
1.54 $

Transportation prices

If you're traveling to Turkey, you'll be thrilled to know that there are plenty of transportation options available to you. One of the most popular ways to get around the country is via bus. Bus companies in Turkey are both affordable and reliable, making them a great option for budget-conscious travelers. Most buses are equipped with air conditioning, Wi-Fi, and comfortable seats that recline, so you can sit back and relax while taking in the stunning views that Turkey has to offer. Whether you're planning a quick day trip or a longer journey, you're sure to find a bus route that fits your needs.

If you'd rather take a more scenic route when traveling in Turkey, consider taking a train. The country has an extensive rail network that spans more than 12,000 kilometers, making it easy to reach even the most remote corners of the country. Train travel in Turkey can be slower than taking a bus or driving, but it's a great way to see the country's beautiful landscapes up close. Many trains in Turkey offer a range of amenities, including sleeping berths, dining cars, and more. Whether you're traveling solo or with a group, taking the train in Turkey is an experience you won't soon forget.

One-way Ticket, Local Transport
0.31 $
Monthly Pass, Regular Price
21.34 $
Taxi Start, Normal Tariff
0.41 $
Taxi, price for 1 km, Normal Tariff
0.31 $
Taxi, price for 1 hour Waiting, Normal Tariff
2.49 $
Gasoline, 1 liter
0.62 $
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car)
10,668.81 $
Honda Civic 1.6 Or Alternative New Car
10,458.61 $

Utilities Per Month prices

Travelers who are planning to visit Turkey may want to consider the cost of utilities such as electricity and water during their stay. Generally speaking, utilities in Turkey can be more expensive than in other countries. This is due to a combination of factors, including the country's reliance on imported fuel sources and the higher cost of living in urban areas.

However, travelers may be able to save money on utilities by being mindful of their usage. For example, turning off lights and appliances when not in use and taking shorter showers can help reduce energy and water costs. Additionally, some accommodations may offer utilities as part of the rental fee, so travelers should inquire about this beforehand in order to better budget for their trip.

Basic utilities for 85m2 Apartment including Electricity, Heating or Cooling, Water and Garbage
35.02 $
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local, price per 1 min, No Discounts or Plans
0.06 $
Internet, 60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL
7.63 $

Sports And Leisure prices

Turkey is the perfect destination for those who love outdoor activities. You can find a wide range of sports and leisure activities available throughout the country, including swimming, surfing, windsurfing, kite surfing, sailing, and fishing. The Aegean and Mediterranean are perfect for water sports, while the Black Sea and the Marmara regions offer excellent fishing opportunities.

Turkey is also known for its traditional sports, including camel wrestling, oil wrestling, and horse racing. These events take place throughout the year in different parts of the country, giving visitors the chance to experience the local culture and traditions. Another popular activity in Turkey is hot air ballooning, which provides stunning views of Cappadocia's unique landscape and is a popular way to start the day.

Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult
14.34 $
Tennis Court Rent, 1 Hour on Weekend
6.75 $

Salaries And Financing prices

If you're planning to work in Turkey, you might be pleasantly surprised by the salaries. Salaries in Turkey are generally lower than those in Western Europe, but they're still fairly respectable. The cost of living in Turkey is also relatively low, so your salary is likely to go further here than it would in many other places. Keep in mind that salaries can vary depending on the industry and region, but in general, you won't struggle to make ends meet while working here.

If you're planning to start a business in Turkey or invest in a company, you'll be glad to hear that financing is readily available. Turkey has a well-developed financial system, with a range of banks and lenders offering loans and other financing options to both individuals and businesses. Interest rates are generally reasonable, although they can vary depending on the lender and the loan type. Overall, accessing financing in Turkey is not difficult, and with the right business plan, you should be able to secure the funds you need to get started or expand your business.

Cinema ticket, 1 Seat
2.01 $
Average Monthly Net Salary, After Tax
266.94 $
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages for 20 Years Fixed-Rate, Yearly, Fixed-Rate
0.43 %

Childcare prices

Childcare prices in Turkey can vary depending on the type of facility. For instance, schools offering daycare services usually cost more than traditional Kindergartens. Despite the price difference, many parents prefer schools since they offer higher quality services. Schools typically operate longer hours and have more extensive facilities such as swimming pools, music and art classes, and sports activities. Kindergartens, on the other hand, are often less expensive, but they may have fewer resources and activities incorporated into their programs.

Another factor that can affect childcare prices in Turkey is location. Cities such as Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir tend to have higher prices compared to smaller towns. This is because living costs in these urban centers are higher, and the demand for childcare services is higher. Additionally, some schools and Kindergartens may offer special programs for both Turkish and foreign children, such as language classes and cultural activities. These programs tend to be more expensive compared to regular programs, but they offer valuable skills and experiences to children.

Private Preschool or Kindergarten, Monthly for 1 Child
175.48 $
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child
3,729.06 $

Clothing And Shoes prices

In Turkey, you can find a good range of clothing and shoes at various shops and marketplaces. From trendy items to more traditional pieces, there is something to suit all styles and preferences. You can visit shopping centers, bazaars, and local boutiques to buy clothing and shoes, which can vary in price depending on the location and type of shop.

One popular place to buy clothing and shoes in Turkey is the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul. Here, you can explore over 4,000 shops selling a variety of products including textiles, jewelry, and footwear. Other popular shopping destinations include Istinye Park, Kanyon, and Zorlu Center, which are modern shopping malls that host both local and international brands. Whether you want to splurge on high-end items or find a good deal on affordable clothing, Turkey has plenty of options to satisfy all your shopping needs.

Pair of Jeans in a Chain Store Like George, H&M, Zara, etc.
18.21 $
Summer Dress in a Chain Store Like George, H&M, Zara, etc.
12.10 $
Pair of Running Shoes, Mid-Range Price
28.74 $
Pair of Leather Business Shoes
25.11 $

Rent Per Month prices

Short-term rental and stay options in Turkey are plentiful and cater to a variety of needs and budgets. Whether you're exploring Istanbul's historic landmarks or looking for a beachside retreat in the Mediterranean, there are plenty of accommodations to choose from. Apartments, villas, and boutique hotels are among the most popular options, with prices varying depending on factors such as location, size, and amenities. Short-term rental providers offer flexibility, with options ranging from daily to monthly stays.

For those seeking a luxurious holiday experience, the coastal cities of Antalya, Bodrum, and Marmaris boast some of the most sought-after vacation homes and hotel complexes in Turkey. For budget-conscious travelers, affordable apartments and hostels can be found in most major cities, including Istanbul and Ankara. With a range of options available, visitors to Turkey are sure to find something that suits their taste and budget for a memorable stay.

One bedroom apartment in city centre
151.08 $
One bedroom apartment outside of city centre
89.14 $
Three bedroom apartment in city centre
273.45 $
Three bedroom apartment outside of city centre
159.37 $

Buy Apartment prices

Turkey offers a range of real estate options for buyers, from apartments in the bustling city centers to villas in scenic coastal towns. Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey, has plenty of high-quality housing options at varying price points. Outside of Istanbul, buyers can find lower-priced properties in other cities and towns across the country.

When it comes to real estate prices in Turkey, they are generally more affordable than many other popular destinations in Europe. Of course, the price point will vary depending on location, size, and amenities. Generally speaking, buyers can expect to get more bang for their buck in Turkey compared to other countries, whether they are looking for a vacation home or a long-term investment opportunity.

Price per m2 to Buy Apartment in City Center
644.57 $
Price per m2 to Buy Apartment Outside of City Center
317.76 $