Cost of living and prices in Sweden, prices of food, rent, shopping, etc 🇸🇪 Updated Jul 2023

Sweden, a Nordic country in Northern Europe, is known for its stunning landscapes and rich culture. With borders shared with Finland and Norway, Sweden covers an area of 449,964 square kilometers and has a population of 9,555,893. The official language is Swedish and the currency is the Swedish krona. Sweden boasts a strong economy with a GDP of $552,000,000,000 and a GDP per capita of $57765. Sweden is often ranked as one of the most expensive countries in the world. The cost of living in Sweden is relatively high due to the high wages, high taxes, and high cost of goods and services. However, the quality of life is also high, with excellent healthcare, education, and social welfare programs. Sweden is also known for its sustainable, eco-friendly living, with a focus on minimizing waste and reducing carbon emissions. Despite the higher cost of living, Sweden offers a high standard of living and a welcoming culture. Visitors and expats can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking, and skiing, as well as exploring the country's rich history and culture. With its location in the heart of Scandinavia, Sweden is also a great base for exploring neighboring countries such as Denmark and Norway.

Cost of Living Estimate in Sweden

Total cost of living in Sweden for two person with average consumption for one month will be 1550.31 USD, no rent price included. Click here to calculate cost-of-living estimate in Sweden

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Restaurants prices

Sweden is a country that is very welcoming to tourists, and it is known for its rich history and beautiful scenery. One of the most delightful parts of visiting Sweden is the abundant number of restaurants that offer a range of cuisines from around the world. For example, there are sushi restaurants for those who love Japanese food, Italian restaurants for those who want something familiar, and classic Swedish restaurants that offer traditional Swedish meatballs and other delicious local dishes. Vegetarian and vegan options are also widely available at most restaurants, along with a variety of gluten-free options. Visitors to Sweden are sure to find something that appeals to their taste buds, no matter what they are looking for.

If you're traveling to Sweden, you'll be delighted by the wonderful food options not just in restaurants, but also in outdoor markets. Food markets are a great way to experience Swedish food culture and to sample a variety of local flavors. The markets offer a wide range of options such as fresh seafood, meats, cheeses, and breads, as well as fruits and vegetables. They're also a great place to try Swedish specialties like cinnamon buns and smoked salmon. The food markets are usually open daily and can be found in various parts of the city. They're a perfect spot to grab a quick lunch or to stock up on provisions for a picnic in one of the numerous parks throughout the city.

Meal in Inexpensive Restaurant
11.71 $
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
70.25 $
McMeal at McDonalds or Alternative Combo Meal
8.78 $
Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter Draught
7.03 $
Imported Beer, 0.33 liter Bottle
6.44 $
4.03 $
Coca-Cola, 0.33 liter Bottle
2.05 $

Markets prices

Market prices in Sweden are generally higher compared to other countries. This is due to a variety of factors such as high taxes, strict regulations, and high-quality standards. The Swedish government focuses on providing social welfare and maintaining a strong economy, which contributes to the higher cost of living. However, the Swedes also enjoy high-quality products and services, with a strong emphasis on sustainability and eco-friendliness.

Despite the higher market prices, consumers in Sweden are willing to pay for quality and sustainability. The "Swedishness" of products is highly valued, with many consumers preferring local and Swedish-made goods over international brands. Additionally, the Swedish market is highly competitive, with many companies striving to innovate and improve their products to stay ahead. Overall, market prices in Sweden reflect the country's focus on sustainability, innovation, and high-quality products and services.

Water, 0.33 liter Bottle
1.90 $
Milk, Regular,1 liter
1.21 $
Loaf of Fresh White Bread, 0.5 kg
2.36 $
White Rice, 1 kg
2.81 $
Eggs, 12 pack
3.04 $
Local Cheese, 1 kg
9.77 $
Chicken Breasts, Boneless and Skinless, 1 kg
10.52 $
Beef Round or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat, 1 kg
16.27 $
Apples, 1 kg
2.72 $
Banana, 1 kg
2.47 $
Oranges, 1 kg
2.59 $
Tomato, 1 kg
3.08 $
Potato, 1 kg
1.12 $
Onion, 1 kg
1.24 $
Lettuce, 1 head
1.96 $
Water, 1.5 liter Bottle
1.54 $
Bottle of Wine, Mid-Range Price
9.37 $
Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter Bottle
1.92 $
Imported Beer, 0.33 liter Bottle
1.96 $
Pack of Cigarettes
7.03 $

Transportation prices

Sweden is known for its efficient and convenient public transportation system. The country offers a variety of transportation options, including buses, trains, trams, and even boats. The Stockholm Central Station, for instance, is the largest railway station in Sweden and serves as a hub for both domestic and international trains. Travelers can easily explore the country's different cities, towns, and villages by hopping on a train or bus.

If you're looking for a more eco-friendly way to travel, bicycles are a popular mode of transportation in Sweden. The country has a well-developed cycling infrastructure with dedicated bike lanes and paths. Many cities also offer bike rentals, making it easy and convenient for tourists to explore local attractions. In addition, Sweden has an extensive network of waterways, allowing travelers to explore the country's archipelagos and coastal areas by ferry or boat tours. Whether you're looking for an adventure or just a scenic trip, there are plenty of transportation options to choose from in Sweden.

One-way Ticket, Local Transport
3.27 $
Monthly Pass, Regular Price
92.50 $
Taxi Start, Normal Tariff
5.74 $
Taxi, price for 1 km, Normal Tariff
1.64 $
Taxi, price for 1 hour Waiting, Normal Tariff
58.55 $
Gasoline, 1 liter
1.62 $
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car)
23,417.58 $
Honda Civic 1.6 Or Alternative New Car
22,505.53 $

Utilities Per Month prices

If you're traveling to Sweden, you might be curious about the country's utilities cost. Sweden has a reputation for being an eco-friendly country, and this extends to its utilities. Many Swedes use renewable energy sources, such as wind and hydroelectric power, which can make utilities more expensive compared to other countries. However, you may find that this is balanced out by Sweden's high standard of living and public services.

The cost of utilities also varies depending on where you are in Sweden. If you're traveling to Stockholm or other major cities, you may find that utilities are more expensive due to the higher cost of living. However, if you're staying in a smaller town or rural area, you may find that utilities are less expensive. Regardless of where you're staying, it's always a good idea to be mindful of your energy use and conserve whenever possible to keep costs down.

Basic utilities for 85m2 Apartment including Electricity, Heating or Cooling, Water and Garbage
71.23 $
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local, price per 1 min, No Discounts or Plans
0.09 $
Internet, 60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL
30.73 $

Sports And Leisure prices

If you're a sports enthusiast, Sweden offers a multitude of outdoor activities that will make for a fun and memorable trip. During the winter months, skiing and snowboarding are popular options, with many resorts offering slopes for all skill levels. You can also try your hand at ice fishing, snowshoeing, or dog sledding for a more unique experience. In the summer, hiking and biking are great ways to explore Sweden's beautiful countryside, or you can take to the water with kayaking, canoeing, or fishing. For those who prefer team sports, there are plenty of opportunities to join local clubs for soccer, hockey, or floorball.

If you're looking for a more relaxing vacation, Sweden has plenty of options for leisure as well. Swedish spas are renowned for their serene atmosphere and rejuvenating treatments, while the many public parks and beaches are perfect for picnics, biking, or simply lounging in the sun. The country's impressive art collections and museums also offer a glimpse into Sweden's rich cultural heritage, with popular destinations including the Vasa Museum, the Skansen Open-Air Museum, and the ABBA Museum. And, if you're a foodie, be sure to indulge in some authentic Swedish cuisine, from fresh seafood to traditional meatballs, served in cozy cafes and local eateries throughout the country.

Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult
38.52 $
Tennis Court Rent, 1 Hour on Weekend
25.20 $

Salaries And Financing prices

When traveling to Sweden, it's important to note that the cost of living may be higher than what you're used to. This is reflected in the salaries of locals, which are generally higher than in many other countries. The average salary in Sweden is more than enough to cover basic living expenses, but it's worth noting that taxes are also high. However, this high taxation system allows for a strong welfare state, which provides a safety net for all citizens. Overall, while salaries in Sweden may seem high, it's important to keep in mind the cost of living and the benefits of the welfare system.

Financing in Sweden is often viewed as transparent and secure. Sweden is known for its strong economy, and many international companies have their headquarters here. If you're planning to work in Sweden, it's important to research the specific financing options available to you. Many financial institutions offer services such as bank accounts, loans, and investment opportunities. It's worth noting that Sweden was one of the first countries to introduce a cashless society, with many businesses only accepting card or mobile payments. Overall, financing in Sweden is generally considered reliable and accessible, especially for those with access to a work permit or residency status.

Cinema ticket, 1 Seat
14.05 $
Average Monthly Net Salary, After Tax
2,447.24 $
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages for 20 Years Fixed-Rate, Yearly, Fixed-Rate
0.03 %

Childcare prices

Childcare prices in Sweden are generally high, but the government provides subsidies to help parents with the cost. This makes it somewhat more affordable for families to send their children to schools and kindergartens. Schools in Sweden are generally free, and the quality of education is high. Kindergartens have a variety of different programs, including full-time and part-time options, and they typically offer a range of activities for children to engage in.

Overall, childcare prices in Sweden are relatively high compared to other countries. However, the quality of care and education that children receive is also high. This reflects Sweden's strong commitment to early childhood education and the well-being of its citizens. With government support, parents can access affordable childcare options that allow them to return to work or pursue other activities, while also ensuring their children receive the best possible care and education.

Private Preschool or Kindergarten, Monthly for 1 Child
581.53 $
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child
10,432.94 $

Clothing And Shoes prices

Sweden is home to countless stylish shops and boutiques that cater to all manner of tastes and budgets. Whether you're looking for luxury fashion at high-end department stores or affordable clothing at discount retailers, you'll find it all in this chic Scandinavian country. From big-name brands to locally-owned fashion houses, Sweden boasts a diverse range of clothing options that are sure to satisfy any shopper.

When it comes to shoes, Sweden is a great place to shop for high-quality footwear at reasonable prices. From trendy sneakers and casual boots to stylish dress shoes and sandals, Swedish shoe stores offer a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from. Many popular brands and retailers have brick-and-mortar stores in major cities like Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö, making it easy for travelers to pick up a new pair of shoes while exploring the country's vibrant urban centers. Whether you're looking to splurge on a designer pair or snag a great deal on a budget-friendly option, Sweden has something for everyone.

Pair of Jeans in a Chain Store Like George, H&M, Zara, etc.
99.22 $
Summer Dress in a Chain Store Like George, H&M, Zara, etc.
41.54 $
Pair of Running Shoes, Mid-Range Price
101.68 $
Pair of Leather Business Shoes
142.11 $

Rent Per Month prices

If you're looking for a short term rental in Sweden, there are plenty of options to choose from. From fully furnished apartments to cozy cottages, you can find a place that suits your needs and budget in most major cities. Short term rentals provide flexible accommodation options for tourists, students, and professionals visiting Sweden for work or leisure. You can choose from different types of rentals and have the flexibility to book a place for a few weeks or months based on your needs.

In addition to traditional short-term rentals, you can also find other stay options in Sweden. There are hostels, serviced apartments and hotels in major cities that offer a range of amenities and facilities. These options are convenient if you're unsure about your travel plans or need a place to stay for a few days. Some of these accommodations can be pricier, but you'll find that there are affordable options available as well. So whether you're a backpacker or a business traveler, you can find a suitable stay option that meets your needs in Sweden.

One bedroom apartment in city centre
843.00 $
One bedroom apartment outside of city centre
595.52 $
Three bedroom apartment in city centre
1,338.99 $
Three bedroom apartment outside of city centre
979.52 $

Buy Apartment prices

Real estate buying options in Sweden are diverse and can cater to varying preferences. For those who prefer to live in the countryside or small towns, there are plenty of properties available in Sweden's rural areas. On the other hand, urbanites can choose from a range of apartments and houses in the heart of major cities like Stockholm and Gothenburg. These options also vary in terms of size, age, and style, allowing buyers to find the perfect property to suit their needs and budgets.

In terms of pricing, the real estate market in Sweden can be expensive compared to other countries. However, this varies depending on the location, size, and condition of the property. Some cities and towns have higher median property prices than others. For example, Stockholm is known to be one of the priciest cities in the country, making it more challenging for buyers to find affordable properties within the city limits. Nevertheless, there are still many affordable options available for those who are willing to explore different areas of the country.

Price per m2 to Buy Apartment in City Center
6,786.39 $
Price per m2 to Buy Apartment Outside of City Center
3,836.97 $