Cost of living and prices in Jijiga, prices of food, rent, shopping, etc. 🇪🇹
Updated Jul 2023

Jijiga is a city in Ethiopia situated in Eastern Africa with a population of 159,300 individuals.

Jijiga is the capital city of the Somali region and is known for its bustling markets, traditional handicrafts, and rich cultural heritage. Despite being a relatively small city, Jijiga offers an impressive and affordable standard of living for its residents. The cost of living in Jijiga is highly affordable in comparison to the rest of Ethiopia and the world. Basic expenses such as food and housing are relatively inexpensive, which makes living in Jijiga a great option for those looking to make the most out of their budget.

Additionally, Jijiga boasts a year-round mild climate, making it an ideal place for those who aren't fond of extreme weather conditions. The city is served by a reliable transportation network and has several schools and medical facilities available to its residents. Considering its location, cost of living, and quality of life, Jijiga is a great city for those who want to experience Ethiopia's unique culture while living comfortably on a budget.

Cost of Living Estimate in Jijiga

Total cost of living in Jijiga for two person with average consumption for one month will be 589.37 USD, no rent price included. Click here to calculate cost-of-living estimate in Jijiga

You can calculate cost of living in Jijiga by changing quantity using input near each good or service. Resulting total will appear in a floating box in the bottom of your screen.

Restaurants prices

Restaurants and eating options in Jijiga offer a unique culinary experience that is sure to excite travelers. For starters, authentic Ethiopian cuisine is a must-try and is readily available in many of the local restaurants. This cuisine is centered around injera, a sourdough flatbread, and is often served with a variety of stews, vegetables, and meat dishes. Additionally, Jijiga has plenty of street food vendors that offer a range of snacks and light meals, such as samosas, roasted corn, and grilled meat skewers. These vendors are often found in popular marketplaces and busy streets, adding to the vibrant atmosphere of the city.

If you're looking for something beyond Ethiopian cuisine, don't worry as there are plenty of options available. Jijiga has some Indian restaurants, serving delicious curries and other classic dishes. For those who crave fast food or more international flavors, there are also a few restaurants that offer pizza, burgers, and wraps. Some restaurants have rooftop seating areas, where you can enjoy your meal while taking in breathtaking views of the city. Whether you're in the mood for Ethiopian specialties or something more familiar, Jijiga has plenty of options to choose from, making it an exciting destination for food lovers.

Meal in Inexpensive Restaurant
2.00 $
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
20.00 $
McMeal at McDonalds or Alternative Combo Meal
3.20 $
Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter Draught
0.50 $
0.60 $
Coca-Cola, 0.33 liter Bottle
0.40 $
Imported Beer, 0.33 liter Bottle
1.10 $

Markets prices

In Jijiga, Ethiopia, you'll find a bustling market scene with a variety of goods available. Like many marketplaces around the world, prices can vary depending on a variety of factors such as availability and demand. As a result, it's always a good idea to do some research beforehand so that you have a general idea of what to expect when it comes to market prices in Jijiga.

One thing to keep in mind is that bargaining is often expected at the Jijiga market. Vendors will typically quote prices higher than what they are expecting to sell for, leaving room for negotiation. This can be a fun and exciting experience for travelers who enjoy haggling over prices and practicing their negotiation skills. However, it's important to remember to be respectful and reasonable when bargaining. After all, everyone wants a fair deal in the end.

Imported Beer, 0.33 liter Bottle
1.00 $
Water, 0.33 liter Bottle
0.22 $
Milk, Regular,1 liter
1.40 $
Loaf of Fresh White Bread, 0.5 kg
0.70 $
White Rice, 1 kg
1.05 $
Eggs, 12 pack
2.09 $
Local Cheese, 1 kg
8.60 $
Chicken Breasts, Boneless and Skinless, 1 kg
5.58 $
Beef Round or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat, 1 kg
6.28 $
Apples, 1 kg
5.58 $
Banana, 1 kg
1.40 $
Oranges, 1 kg
1.40 $
Tomato, 1 kg
1.12 $
Potato, 1 kg
1.12 $
Onion, 1 kg
1.40 $
Lettuce, 1 head
0.70 $
Water, 1.5 liter Bottle
0.56 $
Bottle of Wine, Mid-Range Price
12.00 $
Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter Bottle
0.90 $
Pack of Cigarettes
2.90 $

Transportation prices

If you are traveling to Jijiga, Ethiopia and looking for a unique mode of transportation, consider taking a ride in a tuk-tuk. These three-wheeled vehicles are commonly used as taxis in the city and are a fun way to navigate the busy streets. Tuk-tuks can fit up to three passengers and offer an open-air experience, allowing you to soak in the sights and sounds of Jijiga. They are also a more affordable option compared to traditional taxis or car rentals. Just make sure to negotiate the price with your driver before hopping in!

For those looking for a more adventurous way to explore Jijiga, consider renting a bicycle. Bike rentals are widely available throughout the city, and cycling is a great way to see more of the surrounding countryside and experience Ethiopian culture up close. Rental prices are usually very reasonable, and you can choose from a variety of bikes including mountain bikes or more traditional cruiser models. Just remember to bring plenty of water and sunscreen, as temperatures in Jijiga can get quite warm during the day.

Taxi Start, Normal Tariff
2.00 $
Taxi, price for 1 km, Normal Tariff
1.00 $
Taxi, price for 1 hour Waiting, Normal Tariff
8.00 $
Gasoline, 1 liter
0.77 $
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car)
48,000.00 $

Utilities Per Month prices

When traveling to Jijiga, it's important to keep in mind the cost of utilities as it can significantly affect your budget. One thing to note is that electricity is not available 24/7 in the city, and power outages can occur frequently. It's best to prepare by bringing a flashlight and backup power source in case of emergency. The cost of water in Jijiga is also relatively high, and it's recommended to buy bottled water for drinking and cooking. Overall, utilities cost in Jijiga can be a challenge, but with proper planning, it can be manageable.

Another aspect to consider in terms of utilities cost in Jijiga is internet access. While there are internet cafes available throughout the city, the cost of internet access can be expensive, and the connection can be slow. It's recommended to research and choose a reliable provider beforehand or consider buying a local sim card to access the internet on your mobile device. Additionally, if you plan on using a lot of data for work or other tasks, it's important to note that data limits can be low in Jijiga, and exceeding them can result in high fees.

Basic utilities for 85m2 Apartment including Electricity, Heating or Cooling, Water and Garbage
95.00 $
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local, price per 1 min, No Discounts or Plans
0.01 $
Internet, 60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL
540.00 $

Salaries And Financing prices

When traveling to Jijiga, it is important to keep in mind that salaries and financing differ greatly from Western standards. The majority of locals earn a modest income, and it is common for many families to live on a shoestring budget. As such, it's crucial for travelers to budget accordingly and be mindful of their spending while visiting the city.

Despite this, Jijiga offers some unique opportunities for visitors looking to invest in local businesses or real estate. Ethiopia is currently one of the fastest-growing economies in Africa, which has attracted international investors to the region. This means that there are a number of available investment opportunities for those willing to take the risk. Those interested in financing a small business or purchasing property may find Jijiga to be a promising destination to explore.

Cinema ticket, 1 Seat
1.85 $
Mortgage Interest Rate in Percentages for 20 Years Fixed-Rate, Yearly, Fixed-Rate
16 %

Childcare prices

Childcare prices in Jijiga, Ethiopia depend on the type of care that parents are looking for. Generally, schools and kindergartens tend to have higher fees compared to home daycare options. However, these institutions offer more structured learning environments with trained and experienced staff who can cater to the educational and emotional needs of children. Additionally, schools and kindergartens provide opportunities for children to interact with their peers and learn social skills that are crucial for their development.

If parents are looking for a more affordable childcare option in Jijiga, they may consider home daycare providers. These providers often offer lower fees compared to schools and kindergartens, making them a popular choice for many families. Although home daycare providers may not provide the same level of structured learning as schools and kindergartens, they can still provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. Additionally, children in home daycare settings may have more individualized attention from their caregiver, which can be beneficial for their development. Overall, there are a variety of childcare options available in Jijiga, Ethiopia, catering to different budgets and preferences.

Private Preschool or Kindergarten, Monthly for 1 Child
95.00 $
International Primary School, Yearly for 1 Child
12,000.00 $

Clothing And Shoes prices

If you're planning a trip to Jijiga, Ethiopia, you might be wondering about the clothing and shoes prices. Well, you'll be pleasantly surprised by how affordable they are! Be sure to visit the local markets where you can find a wide range of traditional clothing and shoes at unbeatable prices. From handmade leather sandals to colorful cotton dresses, you can find high-quality and stylish pieces that will make your visit even more memorable.

For those who prefer modern fashion, Jijiga also has shopping centers and malls where you can find trendy clothes and shoes at reasonable prices. Some international brands are available, but you'll mostly find local and African-made products. You can shop for shoes, formal wear, and casual outfits suitable for all occasions. Whatever your style or budget is, Jijiga offers a wide variety of options that will meet your needs.

Pair of Jeans in a Chain Store Like George, H&M, Zara, etc.
20.00 $
Summer Dress in a Chain Store Like George, H&M, Zara, etc.
90.00 $
Pair of Running Shoes, Mid-Range Price
50.00 $
Pair of Leather Business Shoes
35.00 $