Cost of living and prices in French Polynesia, prices of food, rent, shopping, etc 🇵🇫 Updated Jul 2023

French Polynesia, located in Polynesia, is a small country with a land area of 4,167 square kilometres. The population density of French Polynesia is 64.91 people per square kilometre, with a total population of 270,485 people. The official language is French, and the currency in French Polynesia is CFP franc with a GDP per capita of $ 20888.

Known for its beautiful beaches, overwater bungalows, and crystal clear waters, French Polynesia is a popular tourist destination. The cost of living in French Polynesia is higher than many other South Pacific countries, and visitors should expect to pay a premium price for goods and services.

Despite the high cost of living, French Polynesia offers a unique blend of French and Polynesian cultures. Visitors can experience a range of activities, including snorkelling, scuba diving, and hiking through lush rainforests. With border countries including New Zealand, Fiji, and Samoa, French Polynesia is a great addition to any South Pacific itinerary.

Cost of Living Estimate in French Polynesia

Total cost of living in French Polynesia for two person with average consumption for one month will be 1735.89 USD, no rent price included. Click here to calculate cost-of-living estimate in French Polynesia

You can calculate cost of living in French Polynesia by changing quantity using input near each good or service. Resulting total will appear in a floating box in the bottom of your screen.

Restaurants prices

French Polynesia offers visitors a diverse range of dining options that reflect the unique culture and traditions of the islands. From upscale, fine-dining restaurants with world-class chefs to more casual local eateries, there is something to suit every taste and budget. Fresh fish and seafood are abundant and readily available, with many of the restaurants sourcing their ingredients directly from the local fishermen. Visitors can also sample traditional Polynesian dishes such as poisson cru (raw fish marinated in lime juice and coconut milk), ono (grilled mahi-mahi), and breadfruit dishes, which are all delicious and uniquely Polynesian.

One of the most memorable dining experiences in French Polynesia can be found in the island's many food trucks or "roulottes". These brightly colored trucks serve a variety of affordable, tasty dishes such as crepes, grilled meats, and Chinese stir-fry. They are often found in the town center or along the beachfront, and provide a fun and casual way to sample the local cuisine. For those seeking a more romantic experience, a beachfront dinner under the stars is a must. Many of the resorts offer private dining experiences, where guests can enjoy a candlelit dinner on the beach while watching the sunset over the ocean.

Meal in Inexpensive Restaurant
21.50 $
Meal for 2 People, Mid-range Restaurant, Three-course
110.04 $
McMeal at McDonalds or Alternative Combo Meal
9.07 $
Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter Draught
8.01 $
3.80 $
Coca-Cola, 0.33 liter Bottle
3.10 $
Imported Beer, 0.33 liter Bottle
4.00 $

Markets prices

Market prices in French Polynesia can vary greatly depending on the item being purchased. Generally, imported goods tend to be more expensive due to shipping and transportation costs. However, local produce is often much more affordable and can be found at various markets and roadside stands throughout the islands. It is important to also consider the exchange rate when buying items with foreign currency.

The tourism industry plays a significant role in the pricing of certain goods and services in French Polynesia. Visitors may find that prices for souvenirs and activities, such as tours and water activities, are higher in tourist areas. However, it is still possible to find good deals and bargains by exploring off-the-beaten-path locations or negotiating prices with vendors. It is also worth noting that the high quality of many local products justifies their sometimes lofty price tags - particularly when it comes to artisanal crafts, pearls, and black tahitian vanilla.

Imported Beer, 0.33 liter Bottle
3.03 $
Water, 0.33 liter Bottle
1.71 $
Milk, Regular,1 liter
1.05 $
Loaf of Fresh White Bread, 0.5 kg
1.51 $
White Rice, 1 kg
1.85 $
Eggs, 12 pack
4.05 $
Local Cheese, 1 kg
27.01 $
Chicken Breasts, Boneless and Skinless, 1 kg
10.71 $
Beef Round or Equivalent Back Leg Red Meat, 1 kg
23.01 $
Apples, 1 kg
3.90 $
Banana, 1 kg
1.84 $
Oranges, 1 kg
4.25 $
Tomato, 1 kg
7.81 $
Potato, 1 kg
1.48 $
Onion, 1 kg
2.37 $
Lettuce, 1 head
3.64 $
Water, 1.5 liter Bottle
1.34 $
Bottle of Wine, Mid-Range Price
19.50 $
Domestic Beer, 0.5 liter Bottle
3.50 $
Pack of Cigarettes
9.27 $

Transportation prices

French Polynesia is made up of several islands, and getting around can be quite challenging. The most convenient mode of transportation is by plane, with Air Tahiti being the main airline. They provide regular flights between the islands, and it's a quick and easy way to travel. You can sit back and enjoy the beautiful views as you fly over the turquoise waters and pristine beaches. If you prefer a more adventurous experience, renting a boat or sailing is an option. This mode of transportation allows you to explore hidden gems that you wouldn't have access to otherwise.

If you're a nature lover, renting a bike or scooter is a great way to explore the islands. You can take in the fresh ocean air while getting some exercise and exploring at your own pace. Alternatively, you can take a taxi or hire a private driver to take you around the islands. This is a great option if you want to sit back and relax while someone else does the driving. Make sure to negotiate a price beforehand as taxis don't use meters. Whichever mode of transportation you choose, be sure to enjoy the stunning natural beauty that French Polynesia has to offer.

One-way Ticket, Local Transport
2.50 $
Taxi Start, Normal Tariff
7.50 $
Taxi, price for 1 km, Normal Tariff
1.34 $
Gasoline, 1 liter
1.32 $
Volkswagen Golf 1.4 90 KW Trendline (Or Equivalent New Car)
20,008.12 $
Honda Civic 1.6 Or Alternative New Car
25,083.88 $

Utilities Per Month prices

As with many island destinations, utilities costs in French Polynesia can be higher than what travelers are used to back home. This could include everything from electricity and water to internet and cable services. While these costs are generally built into the price of accommodations and rental properties, it's important for travelers to understand that they may be paying more than they would in other destinations.

However, it's also worth noting that many properties in French Polynesia use sustainable energy sources, such as solar power and rainwater collection systems. This not only helps to offset the higher utilities costs, but also aligns with the destination's commitment to preserving its natural resources. So while travelers may pay more for utilities, they can rest assured that they're contributing to a more sustainable and eco-friendly tourism industry in French Polynesia.

Basic utilities for 85m2 Apartment including Electricity, Heating or Cooling, Water and Garbage
130.05 $
Prepaid Mobile Tariff Local, price per 1 min, No Discounts or Plans
0.49 $
Internet, 60 Mbps or More, Unlimited Data, Cable/ADSL
89.63 $

Sports And Leisure prices

Sports and leisure in French Polynesia offer an incredible opportunity to experience unique and exciting activities that are not available in many other places. Visitors can enjoy a range of water-based activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, and sailing. The crystal-clear waters surrounding the islands are teeming with marine life, from brightly-colored tropical fish to giant manta rays and sharks. Those who prefer to stay on land can explore the lush, mountainous terrain of the islands on foot or by bike. Enjoy the stunning beauty of French Polynesia while working up a sweat in this tropical paradise.

When it comes to leisure in French Polynesia, visitors are spoilt for choice. They can relax on pristine, white sandy beaches, enjoy a picnic in the shade of a swaying palm tree, or treat themselves to a luxurious spa treatment. For those looking for a cultural experience, there are traditional craft markets, museums, and art galleries where visitors can learn about the history and culture of the Tahitian people. No matter what your interests, French Polynesia has something for everyone.

Fitness Club, Monthly Fee for 1 Adult
150.06 $

Salaries And Financing prices

When it comes to salaries in French Polynesia, it's important to keep in mind that the cost of living is relatively high compared to other places. This means that salaries may appear lower than what you're used to, but they are adjusted accordingly. In general, the salaries tend to be in line with the level of education and experience needed for each occupation. While some positions may pay lower than what you might expect in other countries, the work-life balance and quality of life in French Polynesia is exceptional, making it an attractive destination for those seeking a more relaxed lifestyle.

As for financing in French Polynesia, it's important to be aware that the country is heavily reliant on tourism. This means that many businesses, particularly those in the tourism industry, may be seasonal and can be affected by fluctuations in the number of visitors. Additionally, the cost of importing goods to the islands can be quite steep, which can be reflected in prices for certain products and services. However, there are plenty of ways to save money by opting for local products and experiences, rather than more expensive imported items. Overall, it's important to plan accordingly and be mindful of your spending habits while enjoying all that French Polynesia has to offer.

Cinema ticket, 1 Seat
11.50 $
Average Monthly Net Salary, After Tax
1,867.42 $

Childcare prices

Childcare prices in French Polynesia can vary depending on the type of facility you choose for your child. Schools tend to be more expensive than Kindergartens, as the former offer more advanced education and programs. However, schools also provide more flexibility for working parents with their extended hours and extracurricular activities. The cost of Kindergartens, on the other hand, can be more affordable and practical for parents who only need childcare during the day. Both options are popular among families in French Polynesia, but it ultimately depends on the parent's budget and the child's needs.

When it comes to quality of care, French Polynesia has standards in place to ensure that all childcare facilities meet certain requirements. Schools and Kindergartens must have trained staff and provide a safe and stimulating environment for children. Many facilities also offer additional services such as meals, transportation, and after-school programs. With the cost of childcare on the rise, it is important for parents to research their options carefully to find the best fit for their family. Overall, French Polynesia has a variety of childcare options available, allowing parents to choose based on their preferences and financial situation.

Private Preschool or Kindergarten, Monthly for 1 Child
400.16 $

Clothing And Shoes prices

French Polynesia is a stunning paradise with a vibrant culture and stunning landscapes to explore. Clothing and shoes can be somewhat expensive in the area, but there are plenty of options available for those looking to shop for something new. From high-end designer boutiques to local markets and street vendors, you will find a diverse range of options when it comes to clothing and footwear.

For those looking for high-end designs, there are plenty of luxury boutiques located throughout the area, offering the latest fashion trends. If you're on a budget or looking for something more traditional, local markets and street vendors offer an affordable option with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. No matter what your style or budget, you are sure to find something that you love in French Polynesia.

Pair of Jeans in a Chain Store Like George, H&M, Zara, etc.
80.03 $
Summer Dress in a Chain Store Like George, H&M, Zara, etc.
50.17 $
Pair of Running Shoes, Mid-Range Price
107.54 $
Pair of Leather Business Shoes
177.58 $

Rent Per Month prices

Si vous cherchez un lieu de vacances magique et dépaysant, la Polynésie française est certainement l'endroit idéal ! Il existe plusieurs options d'hébergement à court terme, allant des villas luxueuses aux bungalows au bord de l'eau. Les prix varient en fonction de la zone géographique et des équipements proposés, mais dans l'ensemble, vous pouvez vous attendre à des options de qualité et abordables.

Pour ceux qui souhaitent vivre une expérience plus authentique, il est également possible de louer des maisons traditionnelles polynésiennes, appelées "fare". Vous pourrez ainsi profiter d'un séjour chaleureux et convivial au sein de la communauté locale. Quel que soit votre choix d'hébergement à court terme, vous serez certainement enchanté par la beauté naturelle et la culture vibrante de la Polynésie française.

One bedroom apartment in city centre
752.88 $
One bedroom apartment outside of city centre
600.25 $
Three bedroom apartment in city centre
1,500.61 $
Three bedroom apartment outside of city centre
1,150.47 $

Buy Apartment prices

Buying real estate in French Polynesia is a wonderful option for those looking for a tropical paradise to call home. There are a variety of buying options available ranging from small condos to large luxurious villas. Many of these properties offer stunning ocean views and access to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. While prices may vary depending on the location and size of the property, there are a number of affordable options available for those looking to make an investment in this vibrant and diverse community.

The real estate market in French Polynesia offers a number of great investment opportunities for both residents and international buyers. From properties located in bustling urban centers to those tucked away on the outskirts of town, there are countless options available for buyers looking to invest. While prices may vary depending on location and market conditions, buyers can expect to find a range of properties available at competitive prices. With its picturesque landscapes and vibrant culture, investing in real estate in French Polynesia is a great option for those looking to make a lasting investment in this stunning destination.

Price per m2 to Buy Apartment in City Center
3,801.54 $
Price per m2 to Buy Apartment Outside of City Center
2,901.17 $